Name : Prof. Dr. Kamil B Md Idris
Phone : +604-928 7200
Email :
School : Tunku Puteri Intan Safinaz School of Accountancy
Substantive Position : Professor
Current Position : -
Current Department : UUM College of Business

Academic Qualification

2002, PhD Accounting, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Universiti Utara Malaysia
1983, Bachelor Degree Accounting, SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY, USA
1980, Diploma Accounting, Institut Teknologi Mara, Institut Teknologi MARA

Awards & Recognitions

Best Paper Award ICAS 2016, 3rd Annual International Conference on Accounting Studies (ICAS 2016), 2016, Antarabangsa
Kesatria Mangku Negara, Yang di Pertuan Agong, 2012, Kebangsaan
. Bronze Medal, UUMCOB  CELCOM VOTING SYSTEM, Malaysia Technology EXPO 2010, 2010, Kebangsaan
Gold Medal, UUMCOB  CELCOM RELOAD SYSTEM, Malaysia Technology EXPO 2010, 2010, Kebangsaan
Bronze Medal, UUMCOB-CELCOM RELOAD SYSTEM, International Invention Fair 2010, 2010, Antarabangsa
Excellence Service Award 2008, UUM, 2008, Universiti
Excellence Service Award 2007, UUM, 2007, Universiti
Excellence Service Award 2006 (UUM), UUM, 2006, Universiti
First Prize Winner  Research Proposal, INCEIF Islamic Banking and Finance Educational Colloquium 2006  Bank Negara Malaysia, 2006, Kebangsaan
Excellence Service Award 2005 (UUM), UUM, 2005, Universiti
Best Paper Award  Accounting 2005, Regional, UM-FBA Asian Business Conference 2005, 2005, Antarabangsa
Excellence Service Award 2004 (UUM), UUM, 2004, Universiti
The Nominated Paper for Financial Management and Accounting, Committee (FMAC) Merit Award of the Int, IFAC, 2001, Antarabangsa
The Best PhD Paper Presentation Award 2001, Second International Symposium on Graduate Management Research, 2001, Antarabangsa
The Best Publication Award 1999 (Text Book Category), UUM, 1999, Universiti
The Best Promising Research, Zakat Penggajian, Pusat Penyelidikan dan Perundingan UUM, 1998, Universiti
Excellence Service Award 1997 (UUM), UUM, 1997, Universiti


Professor Dr. Kamil Md. Idris is a Professor of the School of Accountancy, College of Business, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM COB). After his graduation from MARA Institute of Technology in December 1981, he joined an audit firm and later became an account executive of a private company. In 1982, he pursued his studies at the Southern Illinois University, USA and conferred with a Master in Accountancy in 1984. Early in 1985 he was appointed as a lecturer at the MARA Institute of Technology. Eight years later he joined Universiti Utara Malaysia. Dr. Kamil completed his doctoral thesis at the Universiti Utara Malaysia. He is a fellow member of IKAZ (Zakah Research Institute of Malaysia) and member of editorial board for Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting (JOFRA). Currently, Dr. Kamil is the Dean of School of Accountancy UUM COB, Chief Examiner of Malaysia Examination Council (Accounting), member of the curriculum design of Malaysia Examination Council (Accounting), chairman of the Best Management Practice Committee UUM, and Chairman of the Deans and Heads Department of Accounting Council KPM. Formerly, he was the Dean of Student Development and Alumni UUM COB, Chairperson of the Entrepreneur and Commercialization of UUM COB, Deputy Dean and the Head of Accounting Department of the Faculty of Accountancy, UUM. Dr. Kamil has authored/co-authored two (2) academic books on taxation and two (2) on zakah accounting and published over 25 refereed articles in academic journals. In addition, he has published several monographs on taxation and zakah and has presented over 20 research papers at conferences held locally and internationally. He has won several awards at the conferences and technology exhibition including: The article journal awarded by MAPIM 2009; Gold and Bronze Medal at the MTE 2010; Bronze Medal at Seoul International Invention Fair 2010; First Prize Winner – Research Proposal at the Islamic Banking and Finance Educational Colloquium, INCEIF 2006 – Bank Negara Malaysia, 2006; UM-FBA Asian Business Conference 2005; The Best Presenter and Paper Award at the International Symposium of Management Research, 2001; Best Published Text Book Award at UUM, 2000; Best Paper Award – Accounting, 1999. In 1998 and 2004, he was presented with an “Excellent Service Award” by the Vice Chancellor of UUM. In 1997, his article with Dr. Yusoff Ibrahim was nominated to be contested in the IFAC regional journal. Currently, he teaches Research Methodology, Management Accounting, and Advance Quantitative Analysis to the post graduate students. He has produced ten Ph.D students and coming up with another 2 by the end of 2013. His area of interest is Behavioral Accounting. This includes all aspects of behavior in any accounting discipline. However, more emphasis is given in Zakat Accounting and the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB). Under this discipline, the first model of Zakat Compliance Behavior was introduced by him. His introduction of

Research Area


Area of Expertise

1.behavioral accounting
2.zakat accounting